Laser Welder

In our effort to offer the finest workmanship and quality of any jeweler in the Southeast, LeeBrant Watches & Jewelry invested in a Laser welder.  This allows our Master Jeweler the ability to repair even the most difficult and intricate jewelry.  Without a laser welder most jewelers have to remove gemstones such as emeralds, pearls and opals from their mountings before they begin any repairs such as sizing a ring, since the heat would be damaging to such gems.  The Laser Welder allows for repair of jewelry without unsetting heat-sensitive gems. By leaving your precious gemstones in their original settings, the inherent risk of breakage or damage is reduced and saves time and money.

LeeBrant’s Laser Welder allows our Master jeweler to repair your platinum jewelry actually using platinum. A typical repair using solder will result in visible seam lines or repair marks. The Laser Welder is used to fuse the platinum together without a joint, making it stronger for a lifetime of wear. The same technique can be used to repair silver, palladium, gold, titanium and antique jewelry.

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